Solving problems through technology

Motion Control Damper for Caustic Environment

A Fortune 500 customer came to us with an extremely urgent technical issue with one of their automated pharmaceutical vial washing machines. The vials were washed using a caustic fluid. During final testing, and staring down an FDA certification just weeks away, they had found that their hydraulic style dampers were leaking after exposure to the caustic solution leaving a film of hydraulic fluid on the surface of the solution. In about 7 days, the engineering team developed an adaptation of an A-series damper with the fit, form and function of their original hydraulic damper but without the failure. They reported to us since then, that our products last longer and ensure FDA compliant, clean vials.


Raytheon developed a custom tool called the Controlled Impact Rescue Tool (CIRT) that is used to breach concrete walls using multiple impacts. The impactor within the assembly is propelled with rifle blank ammunition charges. Raytheon needed an impact attenuator within the assembly to ensure that the device was safe and manageable for the operators. We worked with Raytheon from concept to implementation on this project. We are very proud to have helped develop this product because it performed as intended and proved to safely and efficiently rescue individuals trapped under rubble from a collapsed building. Safely breaching through reinforced concrete with survivors beneath is complicated with traditional jackhammers and other devices. This product was such a success that it was featured in Popular Science.

Extremely High Energy Management Application

We know big energy management! Every product is infinitely scalable, and we’ve proven it. Because of our extensive design algorithms and testing capabilities, we can develop products exceedingly quickly. Our record to date is14 weeks from purchase order to the shipment of prototype parts. We developed the product at ¼ scale in-house and supported our customer with full-scale impact testing in the field. The product absorbed 238,000 ft-lbs (322.7 kJ) with only 9.5 inches of stroke! No other product has even come close. From a few pounds to millions, we have you covered.