Progressive Damper Solutions

/// CB-Series Overview

These innovative dampers provide a progressive spring rate with a high peak load for ultimate energy management.
  • AET-Bullets Maximum energy absorption ranges from 3,983 to 157,632 in-lbs. [450 to 17,810 Nm] per stroke
  • AET-Bullets Maximum stroke ranges from 2.44 to 7.80 in. [62 to 198 mm]
  • AET-Bullets Damping efficiency up to 65%

Assembly Diagram

Performance Curve



CB-Series Specifications

ModelMaximum Energy Capacity (in-lbs)Maximum Dynamic Force (lbf)Maximum Stroke (in)Free Length (in)Maximum Bulge (in)Weight (oz)Fastener
CB-13,98318,0002.443.113.500.351/2 Hex Head w/Flat Washer
CB-28,67437,0002.953.784.490.521/2 Hex Head w/washer
CB-317,1708,2002.913.705.000.621/2 Hex Head w/washer
CB-416,816102,0001. Hex Head w/washer
CB-514,515112,0001.932.684.880.561/2 Hex Head w/washer
CB-615,79957,0002.323.315.871.131/2 Hex Head w/washer
CB-710,70971,0001.572.245.240.561/2 Hex Head w/washer
CB-817,43650,0002.483.865.511.133/4 Hex Head w/ Flat Washer
CB-973,727185,0004.654.657.523.283/4 Hex Head w/ Flat Washer
CB-1037,616112,0002.564.177.012.383/4 Hex Head w/ Flat Washer
CB-1132,836110,0003.825.087.362.213/4 Hex Head w/ Flat Washer
CB-1264,699160,0005.677.328.433.443/4 Hex Head w/ Flat Washer
CB-1356,202205,0003.504.498.502.383/4 Hex Head w/ Flat Washer
CB-1489,393220,0004.886.5410.245.133/4 Hex Head w/ Flat Washer
CB-1564,256135,0006.938.829.495.133/4 Hex Head w/ Flat Washer
CB-1678,418126,0007.019.498.825.693/4 Hex Head w/ Flat Washer
CB-17112,626192,0007.809.9210.987.943/4 Hex Head w/ Flat Washer

Typical Applications

  • AET-Bullets Woodmill Debarking Machines
  • AET-Bullets Truck Jounce Stops
  • AET-Bullets Overhead Crane Bumpers
  • AET-Bullets Mining Saddle Block Cushions
  • AET-Bullets Mining Latch Bumpers
  • AET-Bullets Conveyor Systems