Custom Damper Solutions

/// Custom Products Overview

Every product we design has a specific DNA, which includes many design factors working in concert. The shape and size, DNA if you will, of our elastomer dampers determine the shape of the Force vs. Stroke curve, AKA Performance Curve. Each design can be scaled infinitely with our vast design portfolio and well-developed design algorithms.

Euclid 190 Ton Mine Truck Strut


We can work with your team from concept to prototype to validation to production.

Custom Products

We can cost-effectively design and test pad designs quickly to meet your exact needs. Choose your ideal Performance Curve, and we can put the numbers to it, regardless of how big or small. We have a dependable record of designing pads over one million pounds peak force within 1% accuracy through small scale testing. We can also scale products down, even at low as a few lbf.