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TEMAX was born in the extremely harsh and vast railroad industry. High load capacity elastomer dampers are needed to cushion the impacts typical in both freight and passenger transit coupling systems.

The wide operating temperature range and extreme durability of TEMAX is a perfect fit for the railroad industry. Railroad systems span thousands of miles over varying terrain and climates, demanding both durability and reliability. TEMAX is field-proven, through millions of miles of service to meet the extreme demands of the railroad industry.

Passenger transit rail systems demand safety and reliability. We provide traceability and accountability for every product we sell. Before any product ships, it is verified to meet performance and safety requirements. 


The durability of the TEMAX elastomer technology is demonstrated by 100,000+ Constant Contact Side Bearing elements with over 400,000 miles of service without failure. These elastomer elements are used to control the stability of the railcar suspension when operating at high speeds.

Custom Rail Products

A clear example of the high load capacity capability of the TEMAX technology can be found in the variety of coupling systems developed for freight and passenger transit systems. Coupling systems are complex assemblies designed for automatic or semi-automatic coupling and decoupling of individual rail cars and or vehicles. During train operation, these coupling system must be able to handle a wide range of tractive (draft) and compressive (buff) forces. Our multi segment Coupling Assembly Buff Elements have been custom designed to handle impact forces up to 800,000 Lbs (3,600 kN) and energy values of 117,500 ft-Lb (160 kJ).