/// Technology Overview

TEMAX™ Elastomeric Dampers are engineered to be the most robust, efficient, and cost-effective damping products available on the market. Our elastomer’s unique material properties, combined with our proprietary shape-engineering process, produce dampers capable of absorbing more energy in less space and weight even when exposed to the most extreme environments.

Robust Solid-State Design

No fluid to leak or springs to break.

Motion and Energy Management

Prevent unwanted excess rebound and reduce wear and tear on machinery.

Extreme Temperature Stability

Operable over a wide temperature range; -60 °F to 194 °F.

Chemical Resistance

Resistant to most industrial chemicals such as hydraulic fluid, Methyl-Ethyl-Ketone, etc. Some of our products spend their entire life in hydraulic fluid without issue.


Extend maintenance intervals and reduce downtime. Up to 1 million cycle life span.

Weight Advantage

Absorbs more energy per unit mass than any available elastomer.